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Making the East Hull Community Farm Part of Your Hull Visit

There are so many reasons why you should visit Hull, UK and the East Hull Community Farm is definitely one of them. This wonderful farm is a registered charity and offers a range of unique learning experienced for young and old.

Kingston upon Hull offers you a lot of great tourist attractions and sites to visit, making it a great way to explore the community and learn a lot about Hull’s rich history. This farm is one of these great sites and it’s perfect for building confidence, being part of something great and helping people toward a healthier lifestyle.

About the East Hull Community Farm

The East Hull Community Farm is a registered charity and offers learning experiences to adults with learning difficulties as well as learners from special schools and people with mental health problems. The farm has been operating for more than 20 years and has given many people the opportunity to learn new skills in a friendly environment.

As a real working farm, the East Hull Community Farm is open to the public and everyone can come and enjoy the opportunity. You might just be able to see a lamb being born or even a sheep being sheared. The farm boasts seven acres of land and most of this is taken up by fields for the animals. There is also delicious produce for sale.

The farm regularly offers educational visits to groups and schools, and in some cases, it is often the first time that a child sees a farm animal. It’s a magical experience for many children and visits are guided by staff members. These visits give children the ability to interact with farm animals and get a hands-on experience they’ll remember.

Based in Kingston upon Hull, the farm is located on Barham Road and ideal for people who don’t mind their hands getting dirty. The farm also offers the opportunity to take part in a one-year course working towards a City & Guilds Entry Level Qualification in Land-based Animals, Horticulture, and Conservation.

The farm’s history dates back to the 1990s when a charity aimed to bring people in contact with practical farming. The farm was set up and managed by local volunteers, highlighting various environmental issues and contributing to a better environment with skills like recycling and organic gardening.

The East Hull Community Farm is next to the Andrew Marvel School and this is a great benefit as children are learning about the countryside and other agricultural issues.

Visiting Hull, UK

There are many great sites to visit in Kingston upon Hull and the town has a rich history that dates back to WWII. For this reason, it’s a popular tourist attraction and there are also plenty of great local pubs and restaurants to enjoy.

Apart from the East Hull Farm, there are many other great landmarks to visit, including the Humber Bridge, the Ferens Art Gallery and the Wilberforce House Museum. Whether you want to enjoy the local food, get a glimpse of history, or simply want to enjoy an art tour, Hull is definitely the town to visit in the UK.

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